Spent a couple of days in Estonia. I went looking for Ural owls, but sadly the weather did not co-operate. It was quite windy and not really cold enough, so they stayed tucked up in the forest. My guide Remo, has great knowledge of the area and fantastic field skills, but even he could not find one. What we did find was a great Pygmy Owl. This is Europes smallest owl, and we heard this character responding to a call from quite a distance.


We enjoyed his company for a little while, before he got a bit peckish! From about 7 or 8 meters up he suddenly dived down and caught a mouse. Very impressive. Got a quick snap before he disappeared back into the forest!


We spent some time following some very fresh and quite large wolf tracks. No sign of the wolves sadly. There were plenty of roe deer around, with the bucks sporting their velvet covered antlers.


We also got a glimpse of a small group of elk one early morning. Hard to believe animals this big can disappear so effectively!


The last treat was a nice tawny owl, with quite grey plumage doing his best to look like the Ural owls that I couldn’t find!