I tried to photograph these birds last year while nesting. No joy as they nested late! So I decided to try again, a little later, in the hope of getting some shots of young birds, which are a little less nervous. We headed back to Lisbon, where we started with a delicious custard tart and visit to the Time Out market for some fantastic food.We headed out to the country to try and track down the kites and yet again, they proved difficult. Several birds were around but remained extremely shy, taking flight as soon as we got to within about 100metres. Even with a 600mm lens and 1.4 converter, they were too far off. It was a shame as they are stunning. I got some flight shots but in the very hot air and great distance, they are all a bit soft.


This became even more frustrating when a kestrel decided to have a go at one of the kites.


The following morning, I finally got some nice shots of a young bird on a perch.Beautiful!


There were some other nice birds around the area including this bishop.


And a squacco heron.


We went back to Lisbon for a couple of days. There was a visit from the Irish President so our last morning was spent enjoying watching this cavalry unit doing their stuff!


It was a fun weekend.Thanks to Elder for his help.